Benefits of Utilizing Seasonal Fencing for Athletic Fields


 Make the Most of Your Field with  Seasonal Fencing!

Today there are many options to define athletic fields. Still, permanent chain linked  fences still seem to be “King”, even though they are costly. Most sports need a form  of fencing to define the field or provide containment for the ball. The most common applications of fencing in sports are in baseball and softball. In these sports, traditional home run fencing is not only needed, but also sideline borders to define the field and keep both the players on the field and the spectators off the field safe. In this blog, we’ll discuss the benefits of using temporary fencing for your field’s needs.

Crowd Control and More

Temporary fencing is a great tool to create traffic control for pedestrians, including, walking pattern chutes, ticket lines, or protection for ground under repair. Selecting temporary or seasonal fencing should always be based upon versatility. Will selecting temporary fencing be an economical choice and allow you a means of containing multiple sports or events? Many temporary fencing products can also be used on artificial turf or indoors. Ground crews find temporary fencing to be a highly effective means of keeping unwanted traffic off re-seeded areas, allowing fields to remain in tiptop shape.

Other Benefits

When selecting temporary fencing, several factors should be considered:

  1. Cost of temporary fencing
  2. Cost of set up and teardown. Who will set up and teardown the fence? Often, community volunteers or students may be utilized to help with installation and teardown of fencing.
  3. Is the temporary fencing system portable?
  4. Is there storage available for when the fencing isn’t being used?
  5. Is the fencing flexible and able to be used for multiple sports/events?
  6. Can the fencing system be customized (shortened if needed)?
  7. Are replacement parts readily available if needed?


 Temporary Fencing Options

A less expensive and common option for temporary fencing is using snow or  construction fencing. Snow or construction fencing can be used with either wooden  stakes or steel stakes. Stakes are pounded into the ground and then the plastic, die- cut, fencing can be attached with tie-straps or stapled wood. While this is one of the  less expensive methods for temporary fencing, it can pose an injury risk to  spectators and players.

The line of fencing we sell is the MarkSmart™ Fence. The MarkSmart™ Fence uses the Markers Inc. patented SmartPole™ installation system and provides easy installation and tear down you’d expect for a temporary or seasonal fence application.The Deluxe System features a permanently installed Ground Socket to accommodate SmartPoles™ for recurring or seasonal needs. For more information on MarkSmart™ Fence, visit or contact Markers Inc. at (866) 617-6275

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