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Just Connect the Dots!

As any parks and recreational professional will tell you, the challenge of playing soccer, lacrosse and football at the same time, on the same field, is one that they are often faced with.

Finding ways to maximize field usage, while keeping the fields flexible is usually a top priority, but so is finding ways to do so while keeping costs low. Recently Parks and Rec Business spotlighted various ways to remedy the issue of playing multiple sports, on one central field. One easy fix? Painted lines.

While painting lines seems like the simplest solution, there can be a downside. Depending on the sport being played, and the season, different colors are used to paint lines for each sport. Maintaining the paint inventory of multiple colors can become costly rather quickly, especially with park districts having to get maximum value out of limited geography.

Here at Markers, our solution is much simpler and more cost effective. As part of “connect-the dots” approach to field marking, we suggest outlining fields using a single paint color and marking them using our color-coded cap system. As part of our Field Lining sets, our caps come in white, yellow and orange allowing field maintenance personnel to quickly differentiate which reference point applies to which specific sports field. While our color coded cap system adds field flexibility, we also offer different kinds of portable fences and mounds, both of which maximize field potential!

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    Thanks for explaining how to mark lines in a simple way. My dad does the local soccer fields. It started as a service, since his kids all played, but now it’s more of a hobby. I’ll have to show him a copy of this post. Thanks for sharing!

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