Graco FieldLazer S90 Battery Powered Field Marking Sprayer Case Study

Graco FieldLazer S90
Graco FieldLazer S90 Spraying Corner Kick Line Done Fast & Easy

Brian McGuire is Grounds Superintendent for the City of Reynoldsburg, Ohio, overseeing seven parks, totaling 275 acers. Thirty acres are designated for multi-use sports with 19 baseball fields, 11 temporary/ seasonal soccer fields. They also host a flag football league, four tennis courts, two community gardens and five outdoor playgrounds.

Prior to working for the city, Brian served as the assistant superintendent of a private golf course for 14 years. Brian has a lot of experience lining athletic fields and has a staff of five full-time and up to 10 seasonal employees that implement the process. He was using aerosol paint & four wheel hand carts to line his fields. This method was spending up to $45 per case for aerosol paint. This cost was really cutting into his budget so Brian searched for a better option.

Graco FieldLazer S90 Field Marking Sprayer to the Rescue

After an extensive internet search, Brian decided to purchase the Graco FieldLazer S90. It’s battery powered high-pressure field marking sprayer that looked perfect for the job. He felt the machine would make field lining a faster, easier process for his staff. Another great feature it was battery-powered and it eliminated the need for more costly aerosol paint by using gallon pails of turf paint.

Brian chose to buy the Graco FieldLazer S90 from Markers, Inc. The company specialized in athletic equipment, athletic field marking systems, golf course marking accessories, and lawn and garden products. The benefit of ordering from Markers was their unique combo pack. The Graco FieldLazer system could be purchased along with 16 5-gallon buckets of white marking paint. Brian realized the new machine could line fields more quickly and was cost- effective. The old aerosol cans cost $45 case, while 5 gallons of paint is $50. Five to six times the area can be covered with the new system. Brian was very happen with the system and with Markers, Inc. He will definitely order again.

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