Backyard Putting Green 101

at-home-putting-greenInterested in building an at home putting green? Excited at the prospect of having a golf oasis in your backyard but unsure of where to put it? Finding a suitable area to place your backyard putting green is not as daunting of a task as it sounds. Here are 4 things to look for when choosing the perfect place for your green!

  1. Direct Sunlight
    One of the main qualities that you should look for when choosing an area to put your green is the amount of sunlight that your area gets. Turf used for putting greens need full sunlight for healthy growth. 5-6 hours of direct sunlight is best for quality turf. Any objects that cast shadows, such as trees, should be removed to ensure your green is getting full sunlight.
  2. Quality Surface Drainage
    A successful putting green must have a good irrigation system that gives even coverage throughout the green. Ideally, you should mound your green so it has surface drainage that will leave your green nourished and allow the excess water to trail off when it rains. Wet greens tend to be bad greens. Keep in mind that surplus moisture contributes to increased disease and algae!
  3. Air Movement
    Air movement is highly important for healthy turf growth. Removing underbrush and trees can improve air movement. Also, removing low-growing weeds and other vegetation if there are wooded areas adjacent to your putting green can greatly improve air movement in your green, without removing a single tree.
  4. Irrigation and Drainage
    One of the most important and essential parts of creating a successful putting green is making sure that the area has excellent surface drainage. That means that rain that hits your green will naturally run off of the green. If you do not set up your slopes this way, your green will end up with puddles and these areas will suffer due to disease problems, water entrapment and compaction. Ideal slopes move from the center off of the green in a saddle shape. Surface drainage is just as important for those creating artificial turf putting greens. Puddles can cause artificial turf to wear down much quicker.

Home Putting Green Supplies

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