A Low-Cost Golf Course Makeover

low-cost-course-makeoverDoing more with less money and resources is a challenge that golf superintendents know too well. It may seem extremely difficult to spend less money, while continuing to providing excellent playing conditions, but it is feasible with the use of some key golf accessories. For around $700, you can revamp your golf course with new cups, flags and flagsticks. These are small changes that create considerable and immediate improvement!

According to an operations survey conducted by Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA), 18-hole golf courses on average have a course accessory budget of $4,901 and nine-hole courses have an average accessory budget of $2,119. Even though it is easy to get caught up in the golf culture of buying the newest and most luxurious equipment and accessories, it is not necessary. Even the smallest little spruce ups can make the biggest difference.

“We need to get past the idea that golf courses need to continuously be buying the latest accessories and revamping their looks. With the purchase of a few accessories, you can make a dramatic improvement in the look and feel of your course, for a reasonable price”, says Dale Hlavin, president of Markers Inc.

golf-course-makeoverGolf Courses heavily rely on the concept of curb appeal. Just like a house, what you see on the outside is what sells. If the practice area is in bad shape with broke signs, tattered mats, than it reflects poorly on the entire course. Many people do not have the time to play an 18-hole game when they come to the course, so the condition of the practice area is key. This is the area that gets the most traffic, so give it some extra care.

Customization is key in creating a memorable golf course. The key is to distinguish your golf course from the rest. You want a golf course that leaves a lasting impression on the golfers. This can easily be done with adding some customized flags, and customized tee markers like these: dimpled tee markers and wedged tee markers.

“It is easy to differentiate your course from your competitors with customized flags and markers. Ours come in a variety of colors and styles. Club logos also can be added which gives your course a professional look, and creates brand recognition”, says Dale.

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