Tips for Putting Green Maintenance

putting-green-maintenance-tipsFinding the perfect place and creating your at-home putting green is only half the battle. Upkeep and management are key to have a great golfing experience. Here are some tips on what you can do for putting green maintenance to get a bang for your buck!

Invest in a Fine Turf Reel Mower
Investing in a fine turf reel mower greatly improves the quality of your turf. Most homeowners have rotary mowers. These mowers by one blade spinning very fast in a horizontal plane. The grass then is cut or “torn” due to the high speed of the mower blade colliding with blades of grass. The issue with these types of mowers is that they cut at the same level, causing bumps to be scalped and depressions left long. Also, rotary mowers can only produce a reasonable quality at heights of 1.5 inches and up. In comparison, a fine turf reel move has cylindrical blades that spin against a bed knife. For ideal short heights, you should have 9 to 11 blades on your mower.

Watering Tools
The key to a great green is proper hydration! You could water by hose but that tends to provide uneven watering. A better alternative would be to set up garden sprinklers or drip lines on hose with mechanical timers.

Debris Rake
It is important to invest in a quality rake for your green. Regularly raking makes your green smooth, level, and playable surface. Raking your green helps aid in the thatching process. Lightly press the rake on the green and liberally rake the green, just enough to ensure that the air can circulate well through the turf. Here are a few rakes we recommend.

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